The Chinese players always just leave their children to die of starvation. I’m just trying to meet Chinese players and AE their opinions on their nation

I want to interview them on their country and what they think of it

Maybe they dont want to be interviewed, lol. You’re not the first to be left for the dead.

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I know a few chinese players and I do play there sometimes, I don’t know Chinese, I use translator. So most of the players are not comfortable with english, they also have a group on some app in which they communicate if they want to be buried or need help etc, so they always check if the player is in the group or not before raising anyone.

I have also heard this complaint from new chinese players. But as far as I’ve experienced , they are mostly kind and sweet.


Sorry, Chinese players live alone, and not raising unfamiliar children is a fear of home damage

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welcome to Singapore server ,you can meet Chinese player too, we raise baby.

I’m a Chinese player, and the situation you describe does exist, but I’m sorry to say that the current ecology of the game for us Chinese players is such that we can fundamentally avoid being dismantled by not raising babies. But I personally sincerely look forward to interacting with foreigners and hope that one day this will change.

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There is a reason why there is an entirely separate Chinese server.
I think that the childcaring aspect is an important mechanic for positive interactions between players of the YRH gaming community. It is a shame that so many ppl on the Chinese server just run around and ruin the works of other players. I would say it is a defense mechanism developed by them on that server.

People setup secret codes that are one Chinese character long. If you type in the right secret code when spawned as baby. You will most certainly be cared for until you are 3. The secret character depends on the individual towns and players. You really have to know someone directly to get it.


I’m sorry, but it is. We are only afraid of strange bad people to destroy the fruits of our labor, because we met them a long time ago and are afraid of repeating the same mistakes. Oh! I hope there are more and more good people, and this situation can be changed!You know, we mean no harm.

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The code is indeed very clever. And I certainly understand the desire NOT to let in griefers. I wish there were a reasonable way for new people to prove they are reliable and helpful, though.

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