The Coder Warfair

I think everyone has caught some end of this very long stick and I wanted to voice my opinion to try to give both sides a piece of pie.

On one hand it is difficult in such small servers for people to avoid the Coders, but it is possible. And with the new post I do think you can manage to avoid them and build your own cities as you wish.

I dont think bad mouthing or telling people “to bad” is a good idea, defusing this calmly seems to be working gradually.

I think for one end, the Coders, they did pay for the game and have every right to play the way they want as long as it isnt directly hurting anyone. As well they seem to be trying to help others coexist with their make up so that others have enjoy the game as well english servers or not.

On the Anti-Coder side, I say this, we have a new post stating things are changing. I think everyone has their right to their own opinion so as long as you voice it calmly and respectfully that’s all you can do, you cant force people to change, you can make peace and coexist, work with, or avoid.

We are all a team whether we know it or not, we all have similar goals. Play the game, and further the era of the mobile servers. We all need to respect one another even if we dont agree because if we turn against one another no one will enjoy the game.

I hope everyone has a great time playing :heart: