The cursing system comes to the mobile in version 1.3.0

We have finally added the cursing system to our mobile version. It is available from version 1.3.0.

Our version is different in a few ways than the one on PC version. Essentially you don’t curse by typing other player’s name. The system will remember your last clicked character and show an curse button when cursing is possible against him/her.

Clicking on another player will make the curse button visible. It will automatically disappear if you click yourself or after 30 seconds.

Clicking the curse button will show the curse confirmation dialog. The curse target will be locked on and highlighted in red contour. The curse target is your last clicked character.

You can also target your curse against a known grave. In such cases, curse button will also be visible and the grave will be locked on and highlighted.

Clicking OK to confirm your curse. On success you will see your character saying “Curse you XXX” in localized language in purple color and hear a curse chime sound. There may be cases where your curse does not take effect, such as cursing an already heavily cursed player. Then your curse speech will not be in purple color and no sound is played either.

Curse other player consumes your curse token. Everyone can only have 1 curse token at a time. Consumed curse token takes 2 hours of playing time to regenerate. So don’t abuse it.

When one receives many curses from other players, his/her account gets cursed on that server. All new lifes from that account will be exiled and born in the wilderness. As a mark of being punished such players’ speech bubbles will be in black and having white texts.

The curses one receives from others will gradually reduce over time. Currently one hour of play time is needed to remove one curse. So please behave, otherwise you’ll be alone for quite some time.

We certainly hope no one is punished by this system. Please love other people as you love our game:)
The OHOL for Mobile team.


Wow. You had to make it THAT idiot proof?

Don’t think for a second that it won’t be abused.

The VERY least someone should have to do to curse someone is to type out their name. It’s beyond ridiculous that you would make such an ugly little “button”. Talk about taking the spirit of the game, as Rohrer intended, and throwing ridiculous bandaids on it.

I actually only bought this game because I believed it to be his and would follow his manner of evolution. I was surprised to learn that it wasn’t. If you keep dumbing it down to the lowest common denominator, you’re going to trash not only your reputation, but that of the game.

So what if youve done nothing wrong and somehow the same player keeps spawning as your child and cursing you? I got cursed twice already by the same player and did nothing but take care of her

I think it’s fine. 2 hours of play for one hour of curse seems fair. Really helps when I don’t have to type out characters I have no idea of to curse them.

There won’t be any effect unless many players curse you. Consider it’s just available now, maybe some would do it just out of curiosity.

How did you know it is the same player? He/she cannot curse you (or anybody else) a second time until he/she plays another two hours.


We don’t think that for a second. The request to not abuse it still stands.

This adaptation is international and our naming system differs. How would you go about typing a Japanese name without a Japanese keyboard? The curse is for a player, not for their current character’s name.

I don’t understand what’s dumbing down about this? Of course mobile will have a different user interface than desktop. Typing is less efficient on a phone, plus it covers most of your screen. It’s simply the worst possible command interface on a phone.

Feel free to disagree or add some more substance. We listen to feedback and do act on it, but the phrases “dumbing down” and “lowest common denominator” simply don’t apply in this case.

My two cents.


I went back and looked and it was 2 seperate players, the one was born later on so maybe theybwere testing it out, but its still super unfair if youre unlucky and people pick on you and curse you for no reason. Maybe a “dispute curse” button to plead your side of whatever youve been cursed for? I love the game and dont want to end up in donkey land ever!

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I think this is a great idea however I have almost cursed people by accident. I believe there should be another confirmation of if you actually want to curse the person. I played with someone who accidentally cursed me. I really think the curse button should be on the left hand side of the screen or somewhere not as easily pressed. Great start however and I’m loving the game!

The confirmation step you ask for is already there. See pictures #2 and #3. We thought about putting the button on the left, but it would interfere with the hints there.

Please continue giving feedback!

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The dumbing down comes with the, I have to say, hideous looking curse button ( and since you tout Rohrer’s graphics in your app pitch, I’m sorely disappointed in the design of that button). The very least, if you feel the need to implement a simple click system (which as others point out is in the way and can make for accidental curses), then the player initiating a curse should at least have to type the words “curse you” and then tap the player.

Dumbing it down to the lowest common denominator comes with a server with slower hunger. Come on. That’s in total contradiction to the spirit and intent of the game. You are moving this game in directions that are entirely contrary to what the game IS. What it is SUPPOSED to be. It’s supposed to be hard. The easier you make it the less inclined people will be to delve into actually learning and growing, and that’s why I used the phrasing I did.

How does a player know how many curse points they’ve accumulated?
Why aren’t curse tokens being regenerated? Why aren’t you addressing known issues like the spawning glitch discussed in another thread?


I actually like this, I mean sure the user interface could be more formatted and better compacted using a custom UI in the settings with added option to turn off certain buttons like, speech, cursing and guide. The ability to report users has always been important and has been abused anywhere and everywhere but I’ve never heard of a system that punish users on its own completely. To combat this panic amongst my peers that griefers will get the best of us, I suggest to the developer a blue angel icon where players can show there gratitude in the form of “blessings” to other players every 1-2 hours and a player with mutplie “blessings” gets to spawn in location they most recently spawned last time or instead gets a blue with white speech bubble and spawns in green lands. @Jincheng


Thanks for raising the level of wording a bit, even though you’re clearly a bit agitated. It’s appreciated.

Well, if you’d prefer a different look, that’s feedback that we can do something with. Noted.

First, you did respond to a topic about the cursing system, so there was no way anyone could have inferred that your words were about something completely unrelated.
Second, you are not wrong. The game is supposed to be hard. And the game is supposed to have deadly weapons. There has been a no-PK server running for a month, on the insistence of the players. We have now changed it to also have slower hunger, because we were getting many many requests for a place to learn the ropes without being too much of a burden to the other players. Likewise, the experienced players were asking for a server with no newbies. This lowers the concentration of newbies on the other servers.
So, there is now a server which provides a training wheels version. This is not the game proper, but neither are the events which we run on a separate server every weekend. You still have the choice to play the proper game 100% of the time, why would you be mad that someone else plays a different game than you?

Unless they keep track of it themselves, they don’t. Do you think that’s important? Could you share why you think it is?

They are. Please see description at top of topic.

Yep, you’re right. I did respond to the cursing topic… and I still contend that “dumbing it down” is exactly what has been done with that button. I get the language barrier thing but the very least a player should have to do is type a curse. Whether that involves clicking the player and typing “curse you” (in whatever language they are typing in) or something else, I think it’s imperative something change with it.

How much do you, yourself, play? How many times have you been cursed by noob babies who are just messing with the button? For me, it’s been too many. Whether it’s by jerks who are ticked that you can’t take on another baby as a running Eve, noobs curious about the button, or people abusing it “Wha! I want a horsey! I don’t care if we don’t have a farm! Wha!”. Which brings us right to why I asked about how a player can know how many curse points they’ve accumulated.

Since this system has been introduced I’ve been legitimately cursed twice. Once when I killed someone running toward me with a knife, mistakenly thinking they were going to kill me when they were after a griefer and once for killing a person I mistook as a griefer. Every. Single. Other curse has been BS.

As to the place to learn, to keep the noobs out of play with experienced players? Not happening. Maybe ONE out of a string of five to six births isn’t a noob. I was a noob not so long ago so I have nothing against noobs provided they’re willing to learn. Too many aren’t and have self interest at the forefront. I’ve seen camps turn into cities which are then destroyed by noobs. So… if you are going to have TWO dedicated servers for people who want to learn, then why not just ONE for the experienced players? Because those other two? They’re not keeping noobs from underfoot.

You have to tap on the someone, hit the button, then when it asks for your permission to go ahead press yes or no. It’s impossible to mistake it for something good, the word “curse” makes it naturally implied that your doing something bad to someone. The button is honestly convenient.

Cursing as a baby would be an issue for just brand new players. There’s no hard feelings on losing a baby as an eve, basically because you don’t have a spot yet. It’s incredibly difficult to find a spot while trying to feed yourself and a baby so you naturally have to ditch the baby. I understand your frustrations. That’s just something players have to understand eventually though.

People may abuse the system by waiting out the timer for 2 hours then cursing again BUT it takes 1 hour to remove it. It also takes a certain threshold of curses a person recieves to actually affect them. Also if they’re just standing around and you know they are already full of berries or over eating without contributing to the farm I doubt the current farmer is going to be happy about it. An arrow to the chest solves that problem.

I suggest the “Unofficial Ranting Post” next time you need to mention the bs of life. Bs is what we all have to deal with eventually.

If people want a way to be newbie free my best guess is to create something that keeps track of a players total playtime or lives lived. Idk I think 200 hours of playtime or 200 times you reached 60 is good enough to say your not a newbie.

Like killing, cursing will happen for no good reason sometimes. Unlike killing, cursing has no actual effect unless a lot of people curse the same person. It’s understandable to feel irritation when wrongfully cursed, but that’s the price for having the cursing system at all. It wouldn’t go away with a different UI.

We are considering putting a minimum age limit on cursing, so babies can’t curse their struggling mothers. Does that sound like a good idea?


@Christoffer Yeah that sounds like a good idea because that seems to be an issue in the game at the moment babies cursing there eve mothers for leaving them which is not a curseable offence that would at least help one issue but your right it wil be like killing people will just do it would be nice if the whole city/town come together like if someone is going on a killing spree and curse them back for curse griefing because it is a new way to grief so maybe if more people done a full scale curse in large towns would prevent people from wrongfully cursing I suppose

Yes, please. Pretty please… put an age limit on cursing!

I officially love this game!! I’m back on the regular server