The Deathstead Branch of Kyoism

You may have heard of Kyoism, one of the new religions gaining a foothold in Ohol. This is a god of oppositions; chaos and order, evil and good, who can quickly go from being loving to devastating. The different branches of the relgion reflect these… mood swings. Let’s just say that the Deathstead Branch represents Kyom with a cold after having missed the last celestial train on a Saturday Night. So very angry indeed.

Followers of Deathstead are fundamentally travellers. They move around the world, building monuments to Kyom, while also spreading his word between villages. Often via the means of killing non believers and fighting other religious groups. While less extreme branches such as the Angellic Branch of Kyoism will tolerate non believers and other religions, the Deathstead Branch will actively try to destroy all those who do not blatantly praise Kyom. For this reason the Deathstead Branch of Kyoism may come into conflict with other practisers of the religion. But unlike all the other Branches, Deathstead followers hold no inherent respect for priests of Kyom. Unless you are with them, you are against them, is the order’s moto. This Branch also has no specific hierarchy. Followers of Deathstead may be individuals, even seemingly peaceful city dwellers waiting for the right time, or whole movements of the cult. Generally speaking they may meet up for the sake of rituals to praise Kyom around sites such as monuments. In such cases usually the oldest player has the final word in disputes, although mostly their organisation reflects the chaotic side of Kyom’s nature. Ultimately the goal of the Deathstead is to realise how pointless and annoying the world of Ohol can be, and then make everyone as miserable as they are. More generally they also serve as a counterbalance to the other Branches of the religion which renervate Kyom’s aspects of order and good. They see all other followers of Kyom, especially the Angellic Branch, as pussies not willing to get down to some serious divine purging. However the sticking point that binds all these branches is their respect for the Prophet, the founder of the religion, whom the Deathstead Branch in particular will obey fanatically and very much to the letter.

I hope you like this branch of Kyoism. If you’re born into a society that follows it then you’ll know what to do, although remember to use retraint even for the Deathstead religion. Purging heretics is one thing, but giving abuse be another. Even the most fanatical or Kyom followers draw the line there. And remember that no player is immortal. Deathstead followers will destroy non conforming players and religions simply as a matter of principle even if it harms the cause of the Deathstead Order in the long run. But better to use an organised fighting force than one or two kamikaze attacks. And remember, the main purpose of this Branch or the religion is to be The Bad Guys. A fundamental part of Kyoism is the idea that the game is most fun when there is opposition and friendly conflict.