The Early Middle Age Update

We’ve been stuck in the Iron Age for a long time. It’s about time we advance.

Eurasian Lynxes

Animal Husbandry and my ideas on it

Car Upgrades and my ideas on it

And other suggestions I may have forgotten about.

I’m suggesting that these should all be added in one super big update (the Early Middle Age update). It would help restore a lot of hope in the player base and give them tons of new stuff to do.

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Cars in the iron age? :joy: But you are right, whe can use some new things!

You can blame Jason for that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wonder what lost hope your always talking about?

While these are great ideas you do realise each one of them would take weeks or months of development time right? Entire reworks of systems in the game and development of mechanics that are not already in the game. For example jeffs sugestion for oxes and your idea for auto droping soil and tilling it would require a system where the game detects if somethings under the players feet. Then it would need to decide if its soil. Then till it.
Curently the only ai in the game is animal pathing. Theres no mechanics that were implemented in the game by jason that would enable any type of “smart” actions to be preformed by the game.

For example the game cant randomly decide if combining two items would give a seperate result on a percent chance. Items added in have to have multiple versions programed in so for example lets say we want apples added into the game? They’d first have to make an apple tree. Program in its spawn chances and bioms. Make a way to grow them (lets use a sapling example) they would have to make a “apple tree sapling in shears” program the action of puting the sapling on the ground. Then program “dry apple tree sapling” then “wet apple tree sapling” then the dry half grown one then the wet one finally the grown one. Then theyd have to program an apple tree in each state. Meaning a whole new world item for each apple missing. Then they would have to program two new items and actions for regrowing the apples.

Finally how then they would have to program how to eat the apples. Seeds? Apple core? Thats more items and despawn timers. Not to mention all the trash pit recipes and cooked food recipes.

So what we see as a simple item to them its days of Coffey drinking sleepless nights and people getting mad because their update takes time. They also have to get an artist to draw each item. Find/make sound effects etc.


Read it again.

There are a lot of gaps in the tech tree right now to be filled and really it would be best introduce items and content in a more steady pace and make sure the game is balanced before going on to advanced stuff, especially if most people still haven’t mastered the newcommen yet. Better to grow content at a slower rate than to shoe horn everything at once and have to go back and tweak it all. Its gonna take time and I’d rather have it in small chunks than an avalanche of a dump. It’ll give people the chance to learn and master the content.