The Event of this weekend

Last week’s event was by far the most played yet. We will run the same event once more this weekend, but with a few changes to the family logic (a response to user feedback).

Here are last weekend’s event descriptions:
Japanese - 日本語:

These are the changes:

  • Players who have not selected any family link will still be randomly assigned to a family, but players with Japanese language setting will only be placed in the five Japanese families. Vice versa for players who have a different language setting than Japanese.

  • Family spawn positions will be randomized further apart from each other, so it’s unlikely that two families meet.

  • The Family Ties observer mode will not be in effect.

  • App version 1.5.0 is required.

先週のイベントは今までで最も多くの方に遊んでいただきました。 今週末は同じイベントをもう一度開催しますが、家族のロジックを少し変更します(ユーザーからのフィードバックへの回答として)。

English: Family & Friends Event this Weekend
Japanese - 日本語: 今週末は家族や友達と一緒にイベントを


家族のリンクを選択していないプレイヤーは、家族に無作為に割り振られますが、日本語のプレイヤーは日本の5家族にのみに配置されます。 日本語とは異なる言語設定のプレーヤーの場合はその逆です。





To anyone on the #milkweed team I found the old base, I made a set of stone arrows leading to it from the new place just incase. Idk what the chaos was but I guess everyones chill now.