悪は正義を倒す/The evil defeats justice

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As I am a Japanese speaker, I use the interpreter.

I did all the charging in this application recently. The tragedy happened just after that.
I exterminated the bear close to the base just before that. Because I was hungry, I returned to the base temporarily. A bear came over to the base in a few minutes. After having knocked down the bear, somebody named me saying “that person did it!”. I seemed to say on seeing the history which appeared, and knocked down a bear. I was made to go to [Don key town] just after that and became B4. I was disgusted. I do not put application for a few days anymore. I want you to give back the price that you charged.
(and furthermore, person … that the true criminal appointed you)

What should I do already? What do you do when sending away other than evil though players decrease from the heyday?

I might continue this application without a title called B4 at least.

I do not reopen without at least correspondence.

Oops! This translation may be incomprehensible

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try it like this. so bears won’t escape.

google translate: このようにしてみてください。クマが逃げることはありません。




It is a good idea. However, there were a lot of nests of the bear and was born in the village which did not develop to there. … that it was severe to use the long stick

Postscript: I defeated all the bears which let you appear. It is the bear that other players let you appear.

So you went outside of town and killed a roaming bear another player let loose but when you came back to eat some food another already roaming bear was accidentally led back and even though you killed it you still got banished for it.


9 different players had to ban so it went to B4 :see_no_evil:

Judging by your story, it seems you got very unlucky. When the next update comes out (which includes geographic banishment), the actions you take in one life, can only get you sent to Donkey Town once. So one misunderstanding will never cause anyone to go from B0 to B4.
It is always good advice to communicate your intentions to other players. If you go bear hunting, make sure they know, or your intentions may be seen as bad.

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It seems like a few other people have gotten unlucky too.


When there is a large number of bear holes, the log action does not distinguish between what was properly handled after waking the bear and what was woken and directed to the village.
Can’t I tap the bear to get the log action?
I think it will reduce the risk of being framed by the perpetrators.


Hence the change in next release:

Ok.I understood.


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Is it a bug?(B0→B4)


I got away from the Don key town by a regular method. However, killing happens as soon as I was born under the influence of “B4”.

If you join discord some towns on some servers will let you join even if you are B4 as long as you let them know who you are

What if we hide B1 to B4 status and showed B5 and up. That way b5 above is definitely a griever.






I think B4 is too hard for one exile.

Japanese players tend to think this way.
I’ll do it because someone around me is doing it.

They have to think when voting for exile. The possibility of false accusation.
However, they don’t seem to be able to make an accurate decision.

I think that the reason is that many people do not know how to use the right of exile and the false charges.

Another topic, but what about alerting players in the form of announcements like this?


After the next update, won’t be going from B0 to B4 in one life, will you? I was a little relieved. Thank you.

You’ve defeated all the bears you put out, haven’t you?
Wouldn’t a false accusation occur if the person who released the bear could be identified by tapping the bear?
In addition, recently, it is often the case that a nearby bear hole is not empty when trying to identify the culprit.
I think he didn’t want to be cursed, so he made a bear appear in the distance and brought it to the village.
He is the only one who knows which one woke the bear, so it’s hard to find it.
If it’s not technically difficult, it would be very helpful to be able to tap the bear and see the person who made it appear.

Maybe it’s because of the implementation of log actions or the stress of refraining from going out, there are a lot of false accusations on the Japanese server.

That is actually quite difficult to do in the system. The action log can’t follow a moving object. There is clearly value, but not enough to justify all the work for one animal.

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