The Finicky MsBee

I’m curious as to why we can’t cut a loom into kindling with an axe, only a hatchet.

Also, when you cut wheat, you can just click to pick it up, but when you set it on the ground, you have to then swipe to pick the whole thing up, if you click you just get a seed.
I guess it’s kind of the same mechanic as a basket with items.
However, it drives me crazy, am I the only one?
For some reason I am very used to just clicking the wheat to receive the entire thing in my arms, but instead I just get a tiny seed, and that’s almost never what I want!
I personally feel it should be switched, even though it goes against the basket mechanic.
Clicking should give you entire wheat, straw and all, and swiping should give you the seed.
How many agree?


Boulders and wooden sledges can’t be put down that easily. It’s annoying to stand there and wait for the game to let you put things on the ground.


its also weird you have to chop a tree so you are able to kill a domestic goose. other animals you can kill without chopping down trees.


How TheRedBug and I have solved this one;
We built a fence with a locked door, the fence is to hold the goose in place, and the locked door is to keep people from picking up the goose, but if you leave a goose wiggling on a stump, the stump won’t decay.