The game has been released!

The roll-out has started. Depending on country, it can take a few hours before it shows up in the store.

Please rate the game and post reviews in AppStore and Google Play. These mean a lot for spreading the game.

We owe some of you a redeem code, for using your screenshots on the app page of the stores. I will send these to you privately during the day.


Coudnt buy, just updated on play store. Also cant review.

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Ok, I’m going to wait a few hours, the game is not there yet, but I know it’s going to come.

Here are the links, but they will not work for you until the roll-out is finished in your country:

‎You are Hope on the App Store



Now I can’t play because it’s on iOS 10 and my iPad 2 is iOS 9 :frowning: :frowning: :confounded:

Noo dragonfruit you must find a way the game won’t be the same without you


Can you make it free for people who played came and was active

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I must sacrifice my self for you to live


!! Lo compré !!!


Thank you for allowing me to test the game. Hopefully lots of people play and great job!!!



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Did you try to use a second device to log in to the same server? Or did you experience a disconnect?

I restarted my phone and got back in. Sorry for the delayed response.

Happens to me when I have a connection problem and try to respawn. The server thinks your still alive and can’t make a new one of you until you die on the server

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