The Grand Tutorial Escape!

Today, I realised that since I had been forging for over a month, I could totally escape the tutorial!
So I did. At 25 or so, I made it out and started exploring north, hoping to see others. I saw so many signs of life. bones, outside tutorials, 2 whole Villages, a road. I took a Horse cart from one of these to explore faster. I must have passed (what felt like) 100 or so tutorials during my lifetime, and not once did I see anyone. Sure, plenty of bones and cut down trees, but not a soul to be seen. at 60, I died alone, far, far away from my origin. I tipped the horse cart in a desert and died beside it. I hope that in the future, I can do this again…and maybe, just maybe, I will meet someone.
(I would provide the screenshots I have, but it is not letting me upload them)
-Lillian, AKA LiliN


Huh? That’s weird. Why you can’t upload an SS?

Must be a glitch.

because it takes 40+ mins to load, nothing wrong with the server or anything, just standard Auzzie internet. Happily I play You Are Hope (man its weird calling it that) at home, where my internet is better. Though my pings on good days are around 230.

Ah i see.

Now, my real comment about your post:

I escaped the tutorial too but never once i see the jail been broken or founding a corpses. I guess lot new players playing this game which is a good thing.

I think tutorial spawns go southward, so if you go north they are tutorials that have already been used. If you go south they are unused tutorials. Though not 100% sure of that.

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cool! ill do that next time for sure. I wish people who escaped the tutorial could have kids lol, it wold be fun to set up a road that runs across the tutorials with a village in the middle where people manage to escape use as a base. people could run down the road, chopping down the tree in the gateway, opening up all the tutorials, then take noobs back to the village to teach them how to do more complex stuff. how to make roads, how to take care of sheep, how to make stew, how to make clothes, to take care of kids properly, to yum chain, ect…players teaching other players on a special server for it so when they are released into the real game they are less, well, noobish.

maybe stations could be made on the side of the road, each station teaching a different skill and being manned by a person. that person would take an apprentice, who would then take over the station when the teacher died… that way the noobs could walk down the road of knowledge to the pro village! the tutorials themselves could provide the resources in iron needed to sustain it all, and make errors less serious. I might just start a new thread for this…

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