The heart problem

So evryone is using a :heart: In game. I see 2 versions of it, but i dont know how to use both. I only play for like 1 month now, and i still dont know how to do that in game. Does anyone know?

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It’s a keyboard option.

Oh, but why do i see it on mobile?

Oh wait i think i know what keyboard you mean. But do you know how to do that?

English keyboard?

Some of the IOS emoji work, others dont.

Here’s where it is on mine.


Heres mine shows up as a black heart on samsungs.

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Rip apple users


Ty for info, now i know i can’t…

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Oof maybe one of your heart emojis work…

I’ve already tried all of them :joy:



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I want ingame emojis :sob:
Hopefully once everything starts settling down with jason the mobile developers will have time to program expressions. Im thinking having a emoji wheel would work best. Like having a button in the top of the screen that when pressed spreads out into more buttons that have the emotions there. Then you press which one you want and your character changes expression lol.