The hot air balloon scheme

I’m a loyal player. I hope that the technology tree can thrive. The proposals for hot air balloons and related items are as follows:

  1. Composition of hot air balloon: it is mainly composed of three parts: upper balloon, middle power source and lower loading basket.

  2. Principle of hot air balloon: through combustion of compressed gas, power is generated to make the hot air balloon work.

III. use of hot air balloon:

  1. after the balloon is loaded with gas, the balloon will start to work. At the same time, you will get a field of view twice the current field of view. The use time is 2 minutes. You can move freely (through any building, plant, terrain). The moving speed is the same as that of a diesel car.

2, after the balloon works, you can enter the relevant address coordinates (you need to make a 9x9 balloon base, and set your own three digit coordinates, such as 201201) for instant movement.

3Hot air balloon has 4 loading spaces, just like diesel vehicle.

IV. requirements for use of hot air balloons:

  1. at least one compressed gas.

2You must have more than 10 bars of food (after the balloon stops working, you will consume 10 bars of food and get 30 seconds of dizziness, which is like yellow fever. Of course, you can make a windproof goggle to reduce 20 seconds of dizziness).

3You need to build a balloon base.

4, if you want to move to another base, you need to know the coordinates of the base, and the wrong coordinates will make you return to the original location.

5, if you do not need to move to other bases in an instant, you need to return to the balloon base within 2 minutes, otherwise you will crash and lose your life.

6The hot-air balloon can only land in the idle hot-air balloon base. If there is something on the hot-air balloon base, it cannot land or move in a blink.

V. precautions for using hot air balloons:

1You must build a balloon base and set your own coordinates, otherwise you cannot use the balloon.

2, you must enter the relevant address before you can use the balloon to move.If you do not enter the address, after 2 minutes, the balloon will stop working and you will lose 2 times the field of view.

3You must have more than 10 boxes of food before you can use the balloon, otherwise you will be starved to death.

4Hot air balloons can only land on idle hot air balloon bases.

Vi. relevant items to be added for the production of hot air balloon: loom, gas compressor, compressed gas bottle, compressed gas combustion device, Arabic numeral 0-9, goggles

Hot air balloon base

Use nine stone plates to lay the floor, make small vertical plates in the middle (i.e. personal coordinates), erect poles at four corners, and then tie the garlands.

Compressed gas

The kerosene tank is processed on a forging hammer to obtain a compressed gas cylinder.The compressed gas engine is made on the basis of kerosene, and a steam engine is added to the petroleum fractionator to make a compressed gas engine, one can of kerosene and one bottle of gas.


Rubber ball is made on the basis of.The unbaked rubber ball is put into the plate, carved into an eyeglass frame with a knife, baked in the oven, and made of soda lime glass.Goggles are consumables, damaged about 10 times after use, and cannot be repaired.

Loom / cloth

Refer to “one hour, one life” end loom.If there is a copyright dispute, the Chinese shuttle spinning frame can be used.

Hot Air Balloon

Upper balloon——

Eight pieces of cloth are stacked, stitched with a small needle and thread ball (the thread ball is completely used up), and eight lassos are combined to complete the upper part

Middle power source——

The ingot is heated and the forging hammer is put to process 4 times to obtain the steel plate.The steel plate is drilled and machined once to obtain the steel plate with hole.Five steel blanks are processed by drilling machine once to obtain steel cylinder. Four steel cylinders are successively installed with perforated steel plates to form burner base.One compressed gas cylinder is put into lathe for processing, and a steel pipe is inserted to make transition gas cylinder.One steel cylinder is put on the lathe for processing once to obtain the precision steel cylinder. The transition gas cylinder is combined to obtain the compressed gas storage device, which is put into the burner base to obtain the burner without gas.Add two more ropes to complete the burner with ropes.

Lower loading basket——

Two straight tree branches are overlapped, sawed by a circular saw, put on a board to get the bridge head, a lasso and a bridge head are combined into a basket frame, and a board is added to form a basket frame with a bottom, and four Reed / wheat stalks are combined in turn to complete the basket frame.

The last three parts are combined in turn to complete the balloon.


If you need an explanation, please contact me

I like it! Though the 9x9 base is a bit unrealisic. Normal hot air balloons have tiny space for like 2 persons. Maybe it should be a 2 player riding slot, which both have bags with food, because that would enough, and you can’t ride with a broken bag or a bag about to break. And if it lands, the object it landed on should move.

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Landing would be tricky… generally they need to land in open places… so figuring out were to land could cause some problems.

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This is a fun idea. It may be too complicated to make work though, since it would go against several of the current rules for how the game behaves.

I will keep it in mind though

I think so. But I also hope that this is idea can be realized. I like this game and I hope more people like it. When I have a new idea, I will come again. This time will not be too long.