The Japanese are really unfriendly

They expels others indiscriminately. I have been working, but one person has been telling everyone to expel me, just because I am not a foreigner. Others say that if I observe again, the despicable man deliberately destroyed the sheep pen and told everyone that I destroyed it. Others didn’t see that I destroyed him but believed him. They expelled me like this. Their country, like their people, is very despicable and stingy, which makes people angry


Same scenario happens to me.

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This is so sad. They are so sensitive and cowardly that they talk about you where you can’t see and don’t communicate with you at all. In this game, I just fed the sheep and made some fertilizer. I didn’t know what I did wrong, but I was expelled. I think the expulsion system should make a distinction, such as filling in the reasons for the expulsion and judging whether it is true or not. Avoid innocent players being maliciously harmed,

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I was just making clothes for my kids and taking care of them. Then the sheep escape. I don’t know who put the long shalf in the box, but I tried to fixed it. And for no reason I died because of banned.


It’s weird because the last time I played (2 years ago) the Japanese is really friendly towards foreigner. They make advance village and set their perfect rule and everyone follow those.

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I agree. Avoid Japanese sever like the plague. They are some of the rudest, most unkind and xenophobic serves I’ve ever played in. Instant ban / will find any excuse to rule you out of the game. Despicable people, it’s just a game yet others couldn’t even enjoy it in peace. This reflects so poorly on their country and discriminating culture. I was hoping it’s just a senseless rumour but having experienced it TWICE. Yeah no. Japanese players are the worst.

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