Thé last ones of the village

Hi everyone
Ice been playing for 2 weeks now
i think i still haven’t experienced the best and worst things in the game, bit i love it so far. In this life i started as An eve and sadly was thé last one tou survive.
I met some awesome players who cared as much about thé village like i did. Love yall for that.
And for griefers i don’t understand why keep yourself Busy with disturbing others while theres so many fun things you can to do contributie to thé village.
Special thanks to my Brother we where the last ones left, we both where old and retired and spend our last minutes just talkin to eachother.
Hope yall enjoyed my story and i would like to hear yours to.
Blessure everyone :wink:![Screenshot_2019-02-01-20-12-46|281x500]


thats so nice… i love final moments like that with a bunch of old people chatting around berry bushes waiting to die haha


Me too!

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