The loop

So I have a city in us beginner2 and someone asked me how I respawn over and over again back to back in my city. It’s like a loop. So after you already have your lily placed and have been buried you have to live another life in your city. Die at or after 10 and make sure no one buried those bones. When you spawn in a different family live to 10 or older and have someone bury your bones. Youll respawn in your city where your old bones should be and you bury them. This starts a loop where you respawn and bury your bones to respawn again. If someone buried your bones while you’re away you have to start the loop again.

Hope this helps!


I hope that explains “the meaning” of the gravestones… few players still keep tons of graves with gravestones, and dont even know what “burying people”, actually means in this game. Thank you for this tutorial ! :heart:


Yes! Also check out the alternate method described in this thread:


I learnt that so late in the game, I guess its a really confusing concept for new players if you dont have a lillypad yourself - good explanation!
But hey, neither living to 60 or playing on empty servers has ever worked for me, only being buried or burying your old bones triggers the lillyspawn (for me).