The Melting Pot Theory

I have noticed throughout my short time so far of playing this game that there is an increasing divide between different language-speakers on these servers. Cities are very hard to build in the long term when you only give birth to people in the same time zone, so no one will continue the town for the necessary 24 hours, severally hindering game advancement.

Therefore, I suggest three things to help combat this.

  • The creation of a translation program, allowing different players speaking different languages to communicate crudely. This might involve translating text or allowing for the use of some preset general use messages.

  • The consolidation of all current servers into two, slightly larger perhaps, server. The junior server and the senior server. This, combined with the above, would allow us to make far larger settlements that last much longer, as well as generally create a more developed world.

  • The option to spawn as an Eve, allowing people to spawn in the wilderness if they choose to even if the world is really developed.

Currently, I am yet to be born into a town past basic farming and metalwork, no ranching, walls or basic organisation. These ammendments, I think, would help Civilisations to develop, make the game more fun and make it easier for those speaking little-used languages to get in on the big leagues.


Agree with this. The time zone problem, most of the time, is a HUGE problem. We need a solution. It’s annoying bc when you play in a JP server (for example) you don’t know what people are saying, you can’t communicate or pass knowledge (unless you know Japanese).

PD: moved the topic to game feedback, not beta feedback, we left beta a long time ago :kiss:

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Hmm I wonder though. How many english speakers play on jap server cause they think us server is too low and want to be in a larger city? Forcing players into “selected servers” might help.

Not much, but sometimes 1 person makes a difference. Some of our best work happens when it’s only 4-5 of us on server and we coordinate spawns.


That’s true. After trying this game on the computer version I’ve come to realise that the most important factor in a settlement is how many children you are able to have, which depends on the server population. Each female should expect to have, at the very least, four children on average for a large town to develop otherwise it is too easy for one generation to mess it all up and its back to square one. The time zone problem means that family lines are limited to around 12 because few will be playing into the night. Therefore it would be handy to combine as many servers as possible, maybe even into only one server since children are only born to those with the same language. If nothing else it would make for a load of awesome ruins. Yet if we had some way of universally translating text such as through preset messages then players could (optionally) choose to be born into any available family regardless of language. With so few players, this might be a way of increasing the average birth rate and allowing for civilisation to develop as it has on other servers.