The Monarch

So since the game needs a more simple approach to authority so everyone can do their own thing.

The monarchy I have seen is catching fire
<-</ >-> /<->

You get it ?


This is my ideal Monarchy and how I plan to proceed.

The Monarch is the first eve,she is in charge and leaves the way. Everyone must obey her rule.

Whoever she chooses becomes the heir, wearing a crown without a carrot while she remains with her carrot gold crown.
(The crowns are just for show and to make sure no one can lie)

At birth each will be asked for their skill and assigned that task. Not to do forever but as their main line of work. So like a chore to do.

If the monarch or heir ask for assistance or help, that must commence.

The basic rules would be respect and kindness :heart:

But we need law enforcement for the trolls.

So I feel like along with the heir the Monarch should have a backpack and knife to enforce the law and justice. I felt it was best to leave it in their hands.

The givers and takers of life, the Monarchy !

The pecking order would go first born to last born, making the term respect your elders even more serious.

Monarch- leader, dictator,law enforcer
[Clothes]: Carrot crown, backpack, knife

Heir- law enforcer, commander
[Clothes]: Crown without carrot, backpack, knife

Members- Workers, assistance

Anyway chow !

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