The NEW and BETTER banishment system! (Idea)

I am going to CURE @Yang-E 's cancer! ;3

Here’s how it would work.

When you place a lily, it would first check if there’s any lilies around. If there is, nothing is changed. But if there is NOT, you become the “QUEEN” of a 200x200 area.

As a QUEEN, you have several options concerning your new plot of land, such as:
-Banning someone INDEFINITELY from your land
-Allow/forbid certain objects to not be destroyed, such as fences and trees
-Promote a villager to a guard, which has the same power as you except you may overrule their decision as a QUEEN
-Allow/forbid the placement of lilies on your territory
-Allow/forbid the spawning of eves from an eve spiral
-Allow/forbid murder. The QUEEN and their guards can always murder.

I understand how the banishment system currently works on Democracy. However, i fear our good old democracy is failing as of now and we must instore MONARCHY



i like the idea of the first player setting a peace lily has a bit more power than the other players setting a peace lily on this part of the map.

in my opinion, if you set a new peace lily, the land can go to the next person in line who set a peace lily. kinda like inherit from the previous owner.

my argument for the «having more power» is, if you set a peace lily you want to stay there to bring the town to a better level. so it would be nice to fight griefers more effective.

one problem i see is: idk where the 200x200 grid is set because i don’t see that when playing.

an old game used some colorful stones to let you see where your land ends.
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