The next level challenge

To those of you who became experienced players during the beta period, guess what: you were actually having training wheels on.

The real difficulty of the game is to survive and thrive when you have helpless people depending on you. I’m not talking about babies (though they fit the description for a few minutes), but about inexperienced players who don’t know enough to survive on their own and who have to be shown and taught. During the beta you could rely on your family members to pull their own weight from the start, but that’s a rare thing that will only happen sometimes now. Most of the time, your helpless babies will actually be helpless.

So our challenge to you expert players is this: Do not keep your training wheels on, by avoiding the new players. Instead embrace the true level of difficulty in the game and help other people master the game. Isn’t that what expertise is for?

Also, when do we get to see 50+ generations, huh? There are more than 50 people on the servers as I am writing this challenge to you, so the raw materials are available now… :laughing:


Newbies are a valiable workforce.

People only need to realise it

Just gotta tell them what to do

Don’t tell them, that takes too much time. Tell them to “watch” then show them what to do. Its more efficient to have the job get done and someone learn at the same time.

Yeah - I gotta say I got rather frustrated at first (and voiced it) but yesterday I logged on to be born into a family that found one of my old settlements. THey were astounded to here I claimed that I was the first eve at that place.

But after I grew a bit, I made a sheep pen, showed them how to care for the berry farm, and walked someone through smithing while I forged a new shovel

Actually was a really rewarding experience. As long as the players know how to feed themselves

I agree though… typing for half your life is not fun

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Make them watch