The "Observer Mode" becomes "Family Ties" feature

Thanks for trying out “observing” during the weekend and thanks for the feedback you have posted!

Our plans have changed following the feedback and the focus will now be on delivering a stronger and deeper Family experience. Here are the important changes:

  1. You will be able to observe living members of your family lines, but you will not see a list of all living players on a server to choose from. This is about your family and what becomes of them after you are gone.
  2. There will be no chat in observer mode.
  3. There will be a family message board, where family members can write to the other players in the family. Each family line will have their own. You can write about the life you lived, send greetings to your loved ones and wish your descendants good luck, etc. Like the family tree, this message board will be outside of the live game.
  4. Instead of “Observer Mode” we will call this feature set “Family Ties”.

We hope that this feature will help you appreciate your family ties even more than before and that your sweetest memories and shared experiences will stay with you longer this way.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts on this. We value your opinions!

// The OHOLm team

Japanese version here: