The players are seriously bad at eve camps

I got to my spot today and wasnt’t buried and after playing 2x in cities I spawned as eve. I saw a few iron so I decided to stay and make it work.

Here comes the cold shower. The players are incredibly dumb and entitled and unreasonable.
My son who was there with me since the start, made some checkered pattern around the kiln.
It’s completely unnecessary, annoying and waste of time.
If you are not smithing don’t alter the kilns.
On an eve camp there is no time for decorations, at the same time we could of gotten way more branches and start smithing.
He got iron which was really close but then I was delayed 15 minutes from making an axe.

My first daughter did nothing, had some kids then started making pies near the kiln, using 4 of the 6 plates we had. she also wasted a bunch of kindling relighting the fire and cooking a single goose. we had plenty of bananas and the carrot farm was going.

My second daughter made a stone hoe before snares, then a duplicate bow when we had a green biome 30 tiles away. then she died for no reason.

Third daughter was new, died at 9 year old. having 3 girls as Eve and nobody survives.

One granddaughter suicided and a grandson ccursed me before suicide because reee that dumbass is his ingame mother, she must be right.

I managed to make the axe in the nick of time, before a medium size green biome ran out of branches, but all in waste because some people are too butthurt even if they are the annoying ones.

Seriously don’t play on eve camps if you can’t handle a bit of work.

you don’t need decorations, pies and dumb things. get 10-15 branches, wait until the axe is done, get wild food and do pottery yourself. if you don’t then keep 3-3 bowls and plates near the kiln. feels like I need to build a fake kiln just to make the bad players assured we have one then another where they don’t disturb me.

got 2 curses because I told them not to do useless things. without me wouldn’t even was a camp to begin with and they would run around a forest then the family dies and do this over and over. I’m tired of it, seriously.

use your curses against griefers, not for rp or for being a butthurt genZ snowflake.

it’s seriously not hard to get to a minimal level of camp. pottery, iron, axe, then I don’t care what you do.

instead they do everything else, overfarming food with no value, filling the place with beans 2 tiles from the kiln, filling bowls and plates and leaving it for half an hour. and they are offended if you point it out. 90% of eve camps die because of these players and the remaining 10%, even if you would make it, they don’t appreciate anything.


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