The Powers family is at 15 generations right now

Join and break record!



and still going

I was there for four lifes

Powers family 18th gen! Woot

Is now at 20 generations

Sadly the powers have ended with a new mobile record of 22 generations

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Is 22 gen the highest right now? I be jumping back on in an hour i must go eat



We should start putting arrows surouning a camp so when ppl are running looking for a place they can follow arrows probbly use branches and stones hahaah or just do floor boards and make a path on north south east and west


Yeah floor sounds much better

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Getting on now

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Wow guys, it was amazing. How far have you gone? Rose, Tessa, Ginger, I hope you have a happy life.

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I named your mother. In other words, i was your grandmother. Hahaha

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