The queen

We can make crown from gold. We either could put it to a horse or put it to ourselves and claim ourselves a queen/king . Now, what do you think the main job of queen?

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The monarch is basically just the government perhaps with a couple of advisors for help. They would make sure every major craft has enough people to continue, as well as perhaps being responsible for tackling griefer threats and organising bigger projects. A monarch should only do the job part time since otherwise they will be more of a resources sponge than asset. They should also try and hang around the nursery, so that new kids learn of the monarch system and can implement it in future when the current monarch dies.

They should be in charge of everything, down to which strands of grass get cut and which don’t. :joy:

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They should be murdered. Immediately. Monarchies are mostly useless role play by sponges.


Although i agree that theyre rolpay sponges but roleplay sponges can add quite a bit of entertainment when you get bored. I think roleplayers help keep people from killing the entire town on a whim.

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