The recent issues with the Private Servers / プライベートサーバーの不具合について

After the 2.6.0 release, we got several reports from private server owners that home markers and buildings would disappear from their servers. That is obviously unacceptable behavior and we made the decision to pause the service while we investigated the problem, so it would not affect more servers than it already had.

Since then we have undertaken two jobs:

  • finding the cause of the issue and fixing it
  • restoring the lost data on the affected servers

Fixing the problem
We now think we have fixed the issue, and will soon start the service again. But there is a potential weakness in the clean map logic which we want to make certain of, so we will disable that functionality until further notice. We suggest you set the default value of 30 days (if you have changed it), so you don’t get any surprises at a later date when we turn on that function again.
In short: Clean-up of unvisited parts of the map will not happen at all until further notice.

You can still use the button which performs a complete reset of your map - that is a different function.

Restoring lost data
We store backups of your server data every time your server shuts down, so we have the means to restore it in a situation like this. The problem is that it is not always easy to see when data loss happens and we didn’t trust a script to avoid making mistakes. So we have looked through the files of each server that was active during October 16-17th manually, and made assessments for each what data backup to roll back to. Doing the work manually, there was less risk of removing progress unnecessarily. We can’t guarantee 100% correct judgement though, so it’s possible that a small percentage of the servers actually need to be rolled back further than what we have done.
If you find that your server is still not in a good place once you try it out, then simply use the “report a problem” button in the settings window to tell us, and we will roll the data back to an earlier backup.

Data loss is a serious matter, even if this is “just a game”. That is why we have set up a backup system for the private servers in the first place. At worst, you will have lost 24 hours of progress. We apologize sincerely for this and for the fact that we have kept the private server system offline for another 24 hours.

As a compensation we will add one free week to all active servers, for which we will pay the server rent to our cloud compute provider ourselves. But we have to build the functionality for doing that first. So please be patient, your compensation will come as soon as we have the means to add time to thousands of servers without doing it manually one by one.

Please reach out if you have questions or concerns. Our goal is to make the best game we can, and provide the best service we can to our players. When we make mistakes we try to fix them as quickly as we can, and avoid making the same mistakes again.

Again, our sincere apologies for this.

// The You are Hope Team




  • 問題の原因を突き止めそれを修正すること。
  • 影響を受けたサーバーのデータを復旧すること。












あなたは希望です You are Hope チーム



The rescue operation seems to have been successful. Today we will apply an extra week to all servers which were put on halt last week.

Some of you have written and asked us to not compensate you. We appreciate the gesture and your willingness to support us, but we can’t accept that offer. First: this was our responsibility and we want to make amends, second: it would be far too time consuming to go through all servers manually. Please support the game by mentioning it to your friends instead, that’s all we ask for.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for playing You are Hope!

// The team