The Road Building Union (R.B.U.)

In recent times I’ve found that road building is the ultimate solution we’re lacking to solve the eve spawn and safe movement crisis.

With how long eve spawn runs are and how likely it is that you will lose where you were before a big waft of a road spanning a huge area would solve this. No matter if you have to follow the eve spiral or not,it only moves 500 tiles per spawn. In reality that’s not a far distance compared to 20-30 minutes of running.

With an extremely long road you could just potentially run in a direction and end up at that road! If we could cover the map in a grid that consists of 10 minute walk roads, any eve could just choose to run in any direction and end up at civilization!

This is why I ask for people to now join the road building union.


  1. You need to be able to hunt animals, build roads, smith tools and use horses.

  2. Follow the road building unions standards.

  3. Nothing else.

The road building union will be dedicated to setting appropriate standards for roads and tips for making roads.

With this union the work you do in previous lives will not be lost.

Please contribute below what you may think the standards of road building should include.

To start off with I think roads should have a “clear space” rule. You must be able to see 2-3 tiles on both sides of the road.

This is to spot any animals that may have been missed when the “safe travel” rule kills any dangerous animals that could possibly touch the road.

For now the only way to deal with mosquitos is to just set a stone on each tile a mosquito can reach,I notice they are usually left untouched.


All buildings should have 3 spaces of tiles between any part of that building and the road. (To clear the “clear space” rule)


Should we measure in tiles (t)?

I also suggest that we start mapping everything along the way. Geography is important! :construction_worker_man::world_map::construction_worker_woman:
Biomes could be differentiated by using different colors for each biome. A legend would be very helpful.

As an example:

Blue = Snow
Green = Jungle (could be helpful to know where to be careful of mosquitoes)
Yellow = Desert
And so on and so fourth.

Finally, I suggest that you create a Discord server for the R.B.U.

For now I suggest just measure in time. You should just be building off of any pre existing long road, so to start another road perpendicular to it about every 10 minutes of walking sounds right.

If mapping was automatic thatd be neat but for now id prefer to stick to marking where iron mines are. Just setting something like 2 smooth stones to the side of the road that iron mine is directly in line with.

I didn’t plan on making a discord server just cause I want this to be open to the public for anyone to do and become. A set standard for anyone who wants to contribute and be apart of RBU.

All progress updates should be kept on this forum and the title should have the server and union in it.

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Make the Discord server public then.

i like the idea very much! thanks! there seems to be only one problem. the tiles get reset 7 days after the last person was in this spot. so i suggest it should be just one road and not multiple roads. so it is more likley the road stays in one piece because of people using it.

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If smooth stones are used for the roads it might be better to make a small pile of regular stones instead.

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Oh yeah that’s what I ment, the flat stones used for roads and the regular stones put on top of them for mosquitos.


Hopefully What comes with the longer main road and more roads that extend apart from the main one it attracts more people to the server and game. So that way we won’t have to worry about it disappearing.

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This is what I have set up going down a road so far. For every 5 bars you lose going down the road you will encounter one of these.

Currently I need to find out if when an area is “cleaned” that animals have a chance to respawn. Otherwise you might be seeing many more fence posts surrounding the road lol