The Unnamed Society

So far there is a common issue when it comes to creating a society system.

  1. People want to be able to do what they want, and have time for their own goals
  2. They also want order and organization so everyone gets a fair slice of work as well as satisfaction

°Production and °Compromise is what I think we need. This is so everyone can do what they want like making clothing, creating a weapon, while still maintaining order and producation.

The only way to do this in my opinion without hiechary is with communication and teamwork. Everyone needs to be aware of the state of the village, what’s in the village, where things are, and of the people in it.

Everyone needs to be willing to work for the whole and the whole has to be willing to provide for the singular. Like a bee hive but more human.

I propose there be trade, property and claim, as well as a central free area. But first we must form the society. For the beginning we need everyone to be on the same page. Everyone must be valued and cared about and for that to happen every person must contribute to a task. Not forever.

So how we act now is everyone go and do whatever they want, but sometimes this can be a bit hectic, particularly if people start making or doing the same thing or contributing to something without asking.

In this society everyone would voice what they would be doing, figure out a plan of ethics and move forward.

For a village set up I propose a medical center in the central area, with four farms each with it’s own crop spread out on each corner near a sidewalk. The weapons, tools, and other things should have their own storage area or place.

Choose what your job is yourself, is it multiple ? Whatever it is you must contribute to the whole. And every big choice would be made with a vote.

If you farm milkweed, give some seeds to the central area. If you made clothes, make some for others as well. In return for your work you get help from others with your projects and plans, as well as food, and things that others bring to the central area.

Its sorta like a never ending gift exchange, but more you choose your gifts diligently, make dont take, and always support the central area.

This would all require lots of maturity, patience and communication. But it is simple, everyone gets a piece of pie, because everyone helped make the pie.

Know I created this on a limb and as well I dont feel well so if any of this doesnt make sense or something is unclear, just ask.

This is pretty much how we act now but more scripted and detailed. Also if this does have an official political name, sorry I really dont pay alot of attention to titles. I love so many songs, I just dont know their titles.XD
《 Love Spire 》

I think this is a wonderful idea, but human nature of self benefit will make it very difficult.


That’s what people say about alot of things, I believe that’s called greed or selfishness, I dont believe its human nature. I believe its just common given the way our current world functions. I dont think it will be difficult at all, maybe in a world for 7.5 billion people but this is very close to what already happens within the game.But that’s a deep topic so I will say say um…
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There’s going to be at least one person out there that’s like that.

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