The Yuri flower should not prevent killer from not getting killed/ 百合はpkした人を守らないように

I believe that the Yuri flower when set up should be allowed to let killer to be killed. Although it is a peaceful flower, where is there peace if the killer is protected by it? The killer will not only dirty medical item in clinic set near the nursery, they will keep killing others when they go out of the range . This prevent normal peaceful players from doing their daily job and make them all stay at the nursery.

  • Let the Yuri flower protect killer/百合は殺人者を守る
  • Let the Yuri flower allow killer to be killed/百合は殺人者を守らない

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So after they kill someone they wouldn’t be protected anymore from the peace lily monument?

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Yes , I hope it will be like that . It is to reduce griefing cause many of us used up our curse pretty fast as there are too many griefing.