There may be a wrong with the gravel road

It’s position is lower than another floors .


It’s probably meant to be like that I think, because you have to dig some dirt out and there put the gravel so it might be shorter

This is the statement on discord:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-02 um 19.39.26


now i see… that’s the reason why i can’t run fast on the new gravel road… because it’s not floor but tracks. Thanks for sharing!

thanks a lot ,hopping that will turn out soon.


If you look at the second picture carefully ,you will find it isn’t shorter than wooden floors . It is just malposed .
By the way ,the ditch have the same way of creation . It is shorter than another floors ,but it isn’t malposed .

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Maybe .
But I want it to be not only the basic of the track but also a decorative floor . As you know , we don’t have black element to decorate our home .