There needs to be more game mechanics that help against Griefers

I have recently found on the slow hunger US server, there is an increasing number of people who specifically learn to play the game to grief! I’ve built two large cities in the past couple months that have been completely griefed, they’ll come in and act and talk like a normal player but as soon as they can hold stuff they will start destroying infrastructure quickly and hiding food. Now this wouldn’t be a problem if everybody knew what I meant when I say “ban her quickly! She’s griefing” but instead they watch her destroy their home and freak out asking me to do something because I am the head of the family(eve).

I have stopped building large towns in the beginner server anymore, because some people wanna ruin the game for everybody!

Also it would be cool to add a feature head of household, in which the oldest person in the family has the ability to instantly banish someone. I believe this would help with griefing because if you i’ve been playing for 40 minutes you obviously aren’t griefing and you will know what to do once you see someone grieving!


If it offers any consolation, I remember vaguely that if you continue to respawn in a particular town, it makes your ban stronger than ordinary players. Not certain how true it is though. In any case, this is why most people with towns have a strict no family policy, which is kinda sad bc it limits your play style. If you don’t want to have kids, just take a carrot seed, place it on a flat rock, crush it with a round stone, eat that, and you should be good for the rest of your life.

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Maybe not banish, I think that would give one person too much power. But it would be nice if a leader can exile someone from town