TheRedBug's expeditions to Japan

As i wandered into the far far away lands of Japan-1’s servers, i noticed some strange behaviors in which maybe a Japanese person may enlighten me about it.

In Japan, even tho rice is very important to them, they seem to not want to make it.

In the japanese server, they tend to make 8 berry bushes in a “o” shape, while americans from us-1 usually do 3x3

As i went to a small town, they started making a sheep pen with ugly adobe, and i started helping them by bringing branches to the site while turning it into fences. As i made the first fence, everyone stopped what they were doing, and just stared at eachothers as if i made the weirdest taboo in the history of the universe. Then i made the second fence, and everyone freaked out. As i approached with the third one, one man picked up and dropped the fence kit repeatedly and said ‘no’. I stopped there, but the people didn’t remove my 2 fences. Why this peculiar reaction with that? It’s not like we missed branches as there was plenty in the forest and i was the one gathering them in the first place.

Thank you, that’s all :slight_smile:


I think that this is because most of Japanese players demand high efficiency.

The center of the berry bush is hard to eat. → You don’t need the center.
It is also easy to put the bowl in the center and put the currant in the bowl.
But I like the 3x3 look.

The reason to make the fence of the sheep in Adobe is the same.
You need adz and a shovel to build a fence, but Adobe only needs a shovel.
Even when carrying materials in a cart, 4 fences at a time. With Adobe, you can carry up to 12 at a time.
In the case of a small village, we want to use a stick to collect iron and make tools, so we postpone the fence.

It’s not taboo, but I’m surprised that many people rarely see it.They are accustomed to Adobe fences.

I like high efficiency, but I also like how appearance is important to players in other countries.
It’s interesting because the way of thinking is different.


Hi, @TheRedBug!

Nice to see you back on the forum, like in the beta days long gone (The first bowl of stew has officially been made ) :grinning:

I know one more reason for the berry bush shape on Japanese servers: griefers have been known to make sure they die on the middle bush, which can result in that they don’t leave a grave when they die. Thus, people can’t use banishment on them after they are gone. So it’s a counter to a known griefer exploit.


Thank you both for the helpful explanations!

@Christoffer i know right? Good times!

Also, on every japanese town i have seen, they tend to go straight for stew… which i am happy about >:3


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