Things I remind myself of

While I may not like some of the updates, I do appreciate that the makers do listen. Even if no changes are made, they listen.
Thank-you for that.
In reality, they do not have to listen to any player, nor do they have to do updates to improve the game, they don’t even have to provide a place to talk about it.
I see a lot of complaints on the new update, some in a constructive way and others not so much. There are parts of the update that I dislike, and on this forum I am allowed to tell the creators about it. But I also remind myself, I didn’t create this game. The creator doesn’t have to listen to me, and doesn’t have to use any of my suggestions. In truth, they don’t have to change anything in the game, ever, through updates or otherwise. It is important to remember that. I am just a player. Do I have to like changes in updates? No. Do I have the right to demand changes? No. I didn’t create this game, I don’t own stocks or other rights to it. I am just a player who bought an app that allowes me to play it. Thank-you that you do make updates and that you do listen to suggestions. I don’t expect you to use my suggestions or that I will like every update.
But I understand as just a player, that you are doing more then most in your involvement with this game, by doing updates and creating new features.


When he takes me in his arms, and speaks to me softly, I see the world through rose-colored glasses.

-Edith Piaf

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