Things that annoy me

  1. when people put on clothes or pick things up that u need and then say it’s hard to take off… you pick up things just fine but now it’s difficult when someone ask u to put it down?

  2. I don’t understand the whole items go everywhere when u put a basket over the other basket. I know it’s to clear the basket quickly but it’s a dumb mechanic and just makes a mess honestly.

  3. mothers that don’t put down their kids. I hate moms that pick u up and don’t let you walk around. I understand that kids will die until they are 3 but you don’t need to have them everywhere with u. Sometimes I don’t want to go where my mom is going bc she’ll go miles away from home, like just leave me by the fire.


That’s understandable, babies like to runaway so understand why too. I just let them run anyways. It is really hard to take things off especially if you are a new player. The hit box is so small. I suggested having easier controls.

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