This is my town, not Griefer's town

This is my town, not Griefer’s town. I gave birth to a girl, and she built a prison in my town. I didn’t know she built the prison. I asked her what she was building at the time, and she said it was built to raise animals. Later, when I died, I found out after seeing Gigi’s message,She built a please stop destroying my town.

My friends discovered that she built a prison in someone else’s house again. Be careful of this person. She deliberately built a prison in someone else’s house to torture players. If you meet her, remember to expel her.

I was that baby boy, mom picked me up by mistake and then I escaped, I destroyed the whole prison


You are so awesome. Did you banish her?

She did it again. She got 2 votes for banishment. It happened close to a city with a horizontal rice plantation. Diana D was the first eve in the family tree.
I think maybe the developers can do something about it couse we just can’t play.

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Unfortunately no, I was too young, but she banished me.

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Me and my older son voted. I was her mother in the previous life and she was not a B1.
I guess it will require many votes…

Its annoying. Ive seen it too

I’m confused, how do players end up in the prison in the first place? i understand babies are likely to get trapped, but what about adult players? is the greifer just really fast at building fences around players? just very curious how the situation happens. I hope your town in alright now though!


All the people that are trapped are her children, she continues to feed them; so the adults had been trapped since they were babies. It’s super annoying :disappointed:


But once you are an adult, can’t you just open the gate? It looks like there are gates in the fence…? I have to be glad that I have never experienced this, but that does mean I have no understanding on how it works.

The one in front is a gate, the one behind the griefer, enclosing the player, is a regular fence. She throws the babies in, then puts up the last fence post. The gate at the end is just to make it harder to escape or grab things that she accidently leaves out, like mallet or shovel.

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I would imagine that eventually everyone would do a 30 band from being mother or child, then she’d have no one to play with.

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