This issue is likely to occur when the mobile version of ohol has disappeared

(This issue is likely to occur when the mobile version of ohol has disappeared)

The author, Johnson, has a great deal of thought about this copyright case.
I’m very sorry to hear that.


In this case, I would like to say to my own judgment thought that what problems will occur if the mobile version of ohol disappears.


・It will be inconvenient for those who do not have the Internet, only the PC version.


・Most Japanese will not be able to play this game because the Japanese version will disappear.


・Some Japanese think that it is a yellowish racist against the game maker Johnson and attack it.


There are other things, but I can say these three things.

Please don’t worry . I don’t think this game will disappear. I don’t think Jason want this game to disappear too. So , please trust dd and Jason and don’t worry about it.


You mean Jason?

It’s not going to disappear.

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Translated to English for your convenience.

Thank you very much.
I also want ohol to survive, and I don’t want to go to this worst scenario.
Let’s all work together to ensure this won’t happen again and for the rest of this game.