This update obviously discriminates against women

Maybe the goal isn’t to discriminate, but it is discriminatory against woman. And it’s a baby’s choice to stay or suicide as it is a mother’s choice to raise her baby/babies that want to stay or let them die. Can Christopher, Mandrake, and people who wanted this update stop being control freaks and get rid of the update?! When I paid for this game last January this update didn’t exist and is not what I paid for. If I knew this would happen I would never have paid for the game. It’s bull S word to have to wait to be reborn and to be forced to raise children and to be forced to play with people you don’t want to including greifers on a game that was paid for.

And the goal is to force people to play how Christopher wants us to play even though literally everyone who downloaded the game paid for the game which gives literally everyone the right to play how they want, but Christopher has forgotten or doesn’t care that everyone who has downloaded the game paid for it and he doesn’t care about the players, only himself, and that update is proof right there and he might as well have said it word for word. And this whole update was made to force people to rent private servers which I will literally never do no matter what.

Freedom of speech only goes as far as people are willing to deal with it. There’s a line that exists people don’t cross when communicating with others because they will end up being disliked for it. So much so they are ignored.

So obviously when every post is a page long and you dont summarize your ideas but instead criticize everyone, while blaming everything wrong on them, you will become disliked.

Solo play still exists but it requires one extra step to be birthed back at your home marker and you should be playing on the no child server. As far as the grief effect goes they’ve already made a post stating that it’s being worked on.

It’s obvious to expect adjustments to be made if something is not serving the desired effect.


I didn’t get a chance to respond to Schnappers because Mandrake closed the This Obviously Discriminates Against Woman topic.

Then it’s not freedom of speech, is it. People don’t have to like me. That’s their choice. It’s also a person’s choice to read what I say or ignore it. I don’t need to summarize ideas. It’s obvious that I don’t like the Baby Abandoning Consequences, Reset Marathon, Ruins-New Decay Mechanism, and want them taken away and stay away forever. So obviously that’s my idea. Solo Play does exist, but the Ruins and Wall Decay mechanism makes it to where you can’t build walls to protect your home cause it takes a lot of time and resources and people can just come in and do whatever they want including greif. I hope the griefing is being worked on, I feel bad for the people who work hard in the main village in the No Children Server when they get greifed on. Eh, sometimes Christopher just does what HE wants to do when it comes to changes instead of what he should do. Like he shouldn’t have made the Baby Abandoning Consequences, Reset Marathon, or the Ruins-New Decay Mechanism.

Read this link. See what this update has done to others. It’s sad. =[ And I’m sure there are a LOT of people who are upset and mad about this update, but don’t say anything and suffer in silence.

The topic was closed due to the growing argument and flags on the topic between shnapers and wumbo. I was the only moderator availiable at the time and i felt it would have been irresponsible of me to make a decision on the topic considering i was heavily involved in the Fellowship (a group of players on discord) which pertained to that particular discussion.

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You could just ride on a horse in the no child server, ride away for a good 30 minutes then use the last of your life to repeat the process by making the respawning home marker where you stop. You just have to die in town then bury yourself to get back there.

Ride away for another 30 minutes and make the respawn marker again. At that point I think you would be safe from griefers finding your home, but you could just go further again if you don’t feel that way. The odds of someone even finding you are incredibly slim and there you have solo play.

Whatevers done to existing structures and previous solo play settlements is done. There’s plenty of times people had to start over and I get that’s a feeling of great loss when many hours put into a place is gone.

You can always end up doing better the next time though. I’m sure there’s stuff you wanted to do while playing where you previously were, like small adjustments that’d make it better but it’d require more work than it’s worth to implement.

It’s those small changes we make afterwards that helps us to grow though. You never truly make progress until you break off from what you traditionally do, to find something better. :wink:


Thanks Ember for opening the topic back up and thanks Mandrake or Ember for moving what I said to here, I didn’t like that it was it’s own “topic”, that was weird but the only way to respond at the time.

Thank you for your great and helpful advice. =]

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