This update obviously discriminates against women

I don’t want say anything else, just that it discriminates against women.

Ignoring women’s right to reproductive freedom.

The last time I felt this way, I was still fighting with “baby protectors” and was forced to hear the saying that “inheritance Games must be fostered or punished”. They even use prisons to keep women from having children in the game. The evil believers disguised as justice turned the game into a city without freedom.

The DD team made such a change, which can make the “grief of losing children” explode. Undoubtedly, from the DD official position, women are defined as the means of childbearing - if you can’t have a baby, you are not worthy of being a human being.

Excuse me,the truth is that women can decide whether to have children or not.

Forced childbearing is so creepy that a woman can’t even control the right to bear.

This update shows terrible values from beginning to end.The whole game reveals the essence of human beings. The players and game designers are just human beings. The evil of human nature is exposed to the fullest.

Promoting inheritance is not to force people to inherit, but to let people see the benefits of inheritance and be willing to inherit. If the game is reset by a big blood exchange, such blood pressure will also leave a black in history.

Recommend a way: give Eve a button, choose whether to have children. Instead of using women as childbearing machines and forced childbearing, which is no human rights at all.


Oh wow it becomes feminism

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Well… Baby boys were often left to starve because they cannot produce offspring in this game but you don’t see guys complaining that this is discrimination against men. It’s just a game. If you are that upset about it perhaps its best to not play. Getting all political over a game wont make things better for women IRL. Discrimination is a phrase thrown around too freely these days IMHO


Uhhh… no child server.

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While the delivery of your message could use some work, it has been a fairly often requested feature in the past that if your playing as a woman to choose if you have babies.

I think with the new home marker that enables people to respawn wherever they wish it should become a feature.

The difficulty in that though, is I have no idea how this would work code wise or if it’s even possible for it to be an individual option for each person.

All features I’ve seen that changes the game is always applied to the whole server. So it would most likely take a lot of time to create from scratch. I know banishments are reliant upon each person so it might be possible.

This all I’m just assuming. I don’t make the calls for this as just another player of course.


This topic has been brought up in the past about female characters being forced to give birth. Abortions are a real thing and every woman should have that right in real life.

How ever post delivery “abortion” or what would be lawfully called murder since the child is brought into the world is another factor all together.

I do not believe you would want the game to reward a mother for murdering their own child? Of course you wouldn’t. And that’s exactly what this update attempted to rectify for a factor inherited from One Hour one Life (OHOL).

As the game is now the core of the gameplay is still highly related to the original-OHOL though the two games are not directly related there are many such topics that are slow to change due to the harshness of developing server based games.

I cannot say what D-D would say on the matter but i personally do not see this as sexism or oppressing females.

Additionally i personally believe the female and male characters in both OHOL and You are Hope (YAH) don’t truly represent humans in the first place and can not be held to our normal views on sexuality and sociological reactions to such subjects, because the male characters play no role in the reproductive cycle of the game i find it hard to find any valid reasoning that this represents repression of the female gender.

Perhaps the species of creatures these characters are cannot have abortions because it would triggered medical complications causing them to die? Or witnessing the death of their children would triggure a chemical reaction causing sever increase to there metabolism.

Also about the subject of prisons in the game those are usually caused by griefers (players who dont give a damn about others freedoms).
Players dont = developers

If your angry about the fact that female characters are unable to abort their self impregnated children would likely be a better question for the creator of OHOL
Though being grief stricken by a childs death is only in YAH.


This update’s goal was to reduce child abandonment and the reset marathon which often happens because of solo play or wanting to go back to the same town, nothing about the team trying to be discriminatory. Maybe changing it to you can only go back to the same location if you raise your kids there will be a better solution for your concerns? Or if you have any other ideas on how to encourage keeping children you can join this conversation:
Balancing the new “Mother’s Grief” feature / 「母の悲しみ」機能の修正について

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Please show me the evidence of being abandoned on a large scale because you are a boy

You want me to show you evidence?
How do you propose that is even possible? I am not a YouTube gamer so I do not record the games I play. Lets think about your request rationally. It’s just a game.

And when you hear a story over and over again you will get used to the idea.

Why is it just the mother griefs for losing a child? I would say the whole family is affected when a family member dies.

Without evidence, there is no persuasion. Just a game? It’s not necessary to make mother sad according to life experience

They can reward players who raise children, instead of punishing players who don’t want to raise children. If children destroy our homes,what shall we do? These problems haven’t been solved yet, but D start to force children to be raised. Doesn’t that mean giving opportunities to those who like to destroy homes? I met a lot of children who broke my home, so I didn’t dare to raise them. Is this new mechanism telling others that it’s useless to build a home by heart?It will be demolished immediately anyway (because it can’t stop the behavior of demolishing a home).

After the update,the destroyer said: great, here comes the chance.

If something bothers someone about a game the mature thing to do is to just not play and find a game that does not bother the person. You dont go on a emotional rant and call the creators names like a child because you dont like something.

If you want evidence, create a poll and ask the question. You work for your evidence if you really care. Its not important enough for me to do. I come here to have fun not argue politics

Just play in the no child server. Its not complex

Show me evidence that mothers are getting sad over this new update due to their life experience… I’ll wait…

Mothers in real life?

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I agree that discrimination is thrown around too freely, but in this case it’s true that it is discriminatory against woman. And boys are left behind because girls are needed to make babies otherwise the family dies out and all the hard work of the family goes to waste and is all for nothing. I think we need to have males be part of creating babies because I think that would help but if there are no fertile girls except one, you do what you gotta do. But I think it would be nice for babies to have dads and for males to have kids. I sometimes like to roleplay I have a dad or I made babies with a player on the game, even if the person doesn’t want to be a dad or make babies with me. “I’m like don’t run away from your responsibilities!” XD It makes things fun, interesting, and funny. You say it’s just a game but games are meant to be fun and enjoyable and this the opposite of that when we are female characters. And he/she isn’t trying to make things better for woman in real life, only in the game.

It’s not immature to complain, especially when you paid for the game. Z paid for the game, so he/she has EVERY right to complain and insult. This is not what he/she paid for, this update didn’t exist when he/she paid for it. And now he/she, I, and others have obviously wasted our money on this game. This is not what we paid for. Going on an emotional rant and insulting doesn’t make you a child, it makes you a person with feelings. And you say insulting is childish yet you insulted Z, very hypocritical and contradictory. Z and everyone else has every right to say what they feel, think, and what they want to say and what they need to say. And don’t give S wordy suggestions like the No Children server, because greifers greif there even though there is literally no reason to greif in that server at all. I see reasons to greif in the other servers, but this one was meant for EVERYBODY, it is EVERYBODY’S home in the village where everyone is, and where everyone is building things, and expanding the town, and doing what they can to help. It was made for that, for everyone to get along, build the place, expand it, help out however way they can or want. The only reason to greif in that place is for the sake of ruining and destroying things and making everyone upset and mad which some greifers greif for that reason because they like doing that, as cruel as it is, but some people are cruel. That server is not the solution, if you could respawn wherever you want after living to age 60 no matter how many people are in the server than yeah, that would be a good suggestion. But given things are the way they are, yeah, they are complex, you’re just ignorant, clueless, and oblivious. And when he/she said mothers getting sad, he/she meant the mothers grieving over the loss of their child when their child dies and the mothers losing food because of it. That’s part of the update incase you didn’t know.

You clearly don’t know what being immature and childish means. Adults and mature people have feelings too. And adults and mature people also go on emotional rants. And adults and mature people complain about games, especially when they paid for the game and adults and mature people insult people including creators. Do you not have feelings? And do you not go on emotional rants? Do you never complain about games or in general? Do you never insult people including creators? Also don’t forget, you can’t control what people say or do you know so don’t try.

Fair enough. I agree to disagree. You two say what you want and feel how you feel. Bottom line, it’s no skin off my nose. I like the update.

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