This will get you banned from the beta!

Then you might have a chance he may let ya.

Aye you play Fallout Shelter on Mobile?

If it is already happening in the beta, what do you intend to do about it when the app is released for realsies?

Did you miss the part about the profanity filter?

Oh yeah, I must have.

I was not trying to be offensive to anyone sometimes I can’t think of a name so I use an object like stick so I’m if I offended anyone

Man… I’m late and I think I won’t join but I think it would be cool to. Quick question. How do you Know if you’re phone is iOS or android?

ios = apple/ android = basically anything else

Well then I’m screwed since I am using a NORMAL phone instead of and iPhone 99999999999999991. I was hoping I was gonna have some fun :pensive:

Yeah, sorry mate but android is full. The game should be coming out shortly on the playstore so look out for it.

How much is it again? Isn’t it like 4.99? Or something.

I think 10$ or 15$

We are aiming at $4,99 USD. We feel that is good value for money, isn’t it?


I say so… I have a question about the play store. Do they tax?

Google takes 30% (same as Apple)

Depending on country, there is also VAT (value-added tax) of various percentages. In Sweden it’s 20%

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5$ is a great price for wich you can litteraly play a game forever

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so names like this fall under that or nah?

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Na its more like is you name him bad words like f$:?

The new version (0.9.10) has a profanity filter in place now.