This will get you banned from the beta!

Sadly we have seen several reports now of testers naming themselves and their kids offensively in the game. As names stick to family lines, these become semi-permanent.

We run the beta to find issues and possible improvements. The perk is that you can play for free and before it is released. The purpose is to make the game as good as possible for everyone before the release. The other players you encounter are your colleagues in this endeavor, and they deserve that you are being nice to them. Naming your family line We or your kid Ner is not acceptable.

When the full game releases, we will have some filters in place to prevent this from happening. While in beta, we will simply remove individuals who can’t behave properly.

If you wish to report incidents, send us screenshots of the family trees (privately, so they don’t show up on the forum and gain even more attention). We can track accounts from the family trees if we have to.

Thanks to everyone who adds to the fun in game and submits constructive feedback on the forum - you are the vast majority!


I am sorry for i have sinned, i used to name my baby stew stew stew stew stew stew. I hope this won’t get me banned T_T

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I know that you like stew better than anything else in the game @TheRedBug. Maybe just add some other flavor too, next time?

No, this is about people deliberately trying to be offensive to others.

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I wish i could add other flavors in the stew! But jason does not let me add mushrooms into the stew T_T

How did y’all get on the subject of different type of flavored stews?
Off of offensive names…

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Any subject is good enough to switch from it to stew.

Stew is great. Stew is awesome.

You’re still new here but RedBug has a habit of naming himself stew stew stew stew stew, and his children stew stew stew stew… the post was intended to be a joke…

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Redbug is the stew master. He has to talk about stew.
I’ve been the first to make stew on mobile.
I can make stew generation 1.
Stew is love, stew is life <3

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Stewminati proved


I bet you’re the type of person that would just make tons of stew till you die since you love stew.


Ehm… yes

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It is a good idea you dont want players to feel sad

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I have made this but just one time and it was because my mom had named me n***a and sadly I did it to my daughter too. But everyone starved to death lol

Tbh im not even in the game yet lol

Ya me neather

But i hope I will join in the beta

Yeah uh it closed 3 Days Ago I believe so unless you sent a message before then you’re in a pickle.

Too bad

i asked him again so i guess i just gotta wait