Three half dug ditches

There are three half dug ditches but no problem before last update. Now, the dug ditches have different works, one time dug ditch can be put bricks and two and more dug ditch can’t be. Then, how about changing the names to shallow dug ditch, half dug ditch and deep dug ditch?


:joy: We thought of the same thing .

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Lol. Yes, It confuses us. I thought too that is a translation issue, at first.

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I think that it’s supposed to be like that. You have the first half dug ditch, then the second half dug ditch, and then the third half dug ditch.

The names doesn’t matter either. The matter is what them are showing same name.

Yup , imagine you have 3 jackets all named the black jackets . During the older time , there are no black jacket in the making of recipe . Now , they are . Imagine the boar jacket out of (3 black jackets that is made of boar , bear and wolf) is needed to make a bag or anything. But since all of them is named black jacket , you get confused and need to test up to get the right jacket .

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