Tips: Clay Crafting

So I’ll give the run down of everything you need to do in order to craft multiple plates,bowls and other essentials in mass production and effectiveness. (This is all assuming you already completed the tutorial.)

  1. Location

Find a sutible spot with many nearby clay pits and a decently open space (usually a swamp). I prefer a 7x7 space with three more tiles on top and bottom. You don’t necessarily need nearby food as long as you bring enough. It’s good to do this since it prevents others from interfering with your work and saves space in a village.

  1. Materials

Naturally gather enough for an adobe kiln and many clay pieces, a basket helps alot but a backpack helps immensely (48 for me, 24 above and below the kiln) A bow fire drill, hatchet, stone, 2 straight shafts, skewer and at least 9 other branches turned into kindling. The 2 straight shafts are extremely important since you don’t have to keep making a fire if you burn the 2nd straight shaft using the existing fire in the adobe kiln once you start it with the previous straight shaft again.

  1. Crafting

Turn the bowls and plates as to how you see fit but try to keep the clay nozzle near the furnace, it’s easy to forget. At least 24 bowls and 22 plates (+ clay nozzle and pot) is what I try to aim for in my first batch. You’d be lucky to get a 2nd batch in, it’s just best to work on farming for the rest of your life.

Pies can be made same as cooked goose eggs. Bowls for all sorts of uses. If you want to make more and all nearby clay piles are empty it’d be better to relocate the site.

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Thanks a zillion for the advice!

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