Tips: Farm Spacing and Shapes

Just a lil guide on idea spacing for diffrent types of farmable plants in-game

Gooseberry Bushes: The ideal Goosberry farm would be a 2 by x row of goosberry plants, i say two wide row because when it comes to picking, watering, and soiling, running into the middle of a goose berry plot to just pick one berry at a time is not ideal when it comes to time, especially if the village is big, making getting a berry in the middle of a 10x10 gooseberry patch take 4 seconds to grab a berry, put it in the bowl, then go back and get the other 7. By having a blank row (possibly with a wood tile to discourage farming) every 2 goose berry rows allows for putting bowls, compost, and buckets in the middle of a plot of gooseberry plants, thus cutting down the time required for doing all the actions stated above. Another tip would be to have several compost and wells in the middle of these rows of gooseberry plots to decrease time required to resoil and water.

Carrots & milkweed farms: Carrots work best when placed next to milkweed plants in rows. This is because both milkweed and carrots have the same 4 min time to produce a crop. Ideally for a mid to large size town you would want a 4 by 6 carrot and milkweed farm with 2 rows devoted to each plant. Also be sure to devote a singular milkweed and carrot row for seeding purposes only and to pick the milkweed as it flowers. The main idea is that because it takes one min for a flowering milkweed debris you cant plant more milkweed until it allows you to remove the stump, so by planting carrots after the milk weed plants, there arent delayed between times of growing periods for the milkweed plants being grown earlier, allowing for cycling of carrot and milkweed plants between each other making for a much more efficient use of land and time.

Wheat Farms: With wheat you wanna have a 3 by x row. Have wheat on either side and a blank spot in the middle of both plots for, bowl stacks to put threashed wheat in, compost piles waiting on straw, additional wheat seeds incase someone cuts the left over wheat that was intended for seeds. If possible try to make this close to other farms and bakeries as compost and threshed wheat can more easily be attained for other plants and cooks making pies.

So if we were to combined all these farms together it would look something like this:

W: Wheat
C: Carrot
M: Milkweed
G: Gooseberry
_ : space for water, compost, etc.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ W W W _ M M M M M
G G G G G G _ _W _ W _ C C C C C
G G G G G G _ _W _ W _ M M M M M
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ W _ W _ C C C C C
G G G G G G _ _ W _ W _ M M M M M
G G G G G G _ _ W _ W _ C C C C C
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ W W W _ M M M M M