Tips how to find a village

Go foraging northwest, northeast, southwest or southeast from your current village. After you go quite far (more than 500), check surrounding, yellow prairie is easiest to tell.

Look at the bunny. If when u arrive at yellow prairie and you see a bunny ears coming out from the hole. It’s untouched. Nobody has ever walked there except you. So you should go back and check other directions. If you see a bunny (family or not) or empty hole, it’s mean someone has ever walked there, either your own family or another people from different village.

Next is desert.
It’s a little bit tricky but not that hard.

If you see a lot of cactus with flower or fruit on it, someone has ever walked that path. If every cactus you see didn’t have any flower or any fruits, it’s untouched and you don’t have to go that way again.

While for other biomies is really hard to tell. For swamp, look at the reed and the clay pit has been harvested or not or at the pond (is it has eggs in it or not). For jungle is banana. For badlands is dead sheep or dead wolf. And for grassland is sharpstone or branches or at milkweed (is it turns to flowers already or still green?).

Here’s a village that i found after using this method. My eve mom die young so i didn’t want to do much so i decided to foraging. After long path, i found this nice abandoned village.

Sadly, i was at 34 when i found this village and i got my daughter when i was 37. I told her I’m not eve and i come from far away. After she grows up she makes herself backpack and foraging into the unknown. I didn’t see her again after that.

Edit: every biomes is reset after 7 days


Anyway, whoever the owner of this village is, i found your second horse wondering alone so i bring it back to the village.

Ty for the help! I am always trying to find a bigger village, but it almost never works.

That pen looks like a good place to make sacrifices to the snowmen gods



nice post ty! i wanted to add that every biome is reset after 7 days when no one is walking by. so you wont find old cities if they are older than 7 days since someone was there.

Oh i didnt know that. That explains why i could never find the huge ancient cities. When i used to spen entire life times in search for lol. Id grab a bowl full of berries and head out when i turned three as a boy and die of old age forevor away lol.

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Agreed! :grin:

I find that whenever I see geese with eggs there’s is usually a village nearby. I also try n look for sharp rocks, branches lying around, milkweed stumps, and if a wild berry bush is missing some of it’s berries :strawberry: