Tips: How to spot a goblin

Heyo, back again. I’ve been chilling for a while. I don’t know if people are actually having trouble with this but for you beginners it might be helpful.

  1. How to spot them.

It will be tough to pick them out of a crowd but once your used to seeing them and pointing them out, it becomes easy.

A goblin is a person who uses resources to the most minimal and ineffective as possible. If there’s a smithy with iron bars, a goblin will craft one single iron into a knife as soon as possible. Usually smelting 1 iron bar and smithing the 1 into it. Or if they feel especially fiendish they will make all of the iron into knifes. The thing to look out for are blank blades. Do not leave them as blank blades. If you do not have all of the iron tools yet, you only need one blank blade for a hacksaw. Only 3 should be made AFTER you have a sheeps pen. Make them into the final product asap. (Sheers and knife)

A goblin will go for a knife or bow+arrow as soon as they are born. I suggest taking the time to kill them if you live with more than 2 other people at that stage. Someone might feed them and keep them alive. Just kill them as soon as they click to go for it.

A goblin will kill, WITHOUT REASON. Pay attention, if someone got killed and the killer does not explain why when you walk up to them/ask, THEY ARE A GOBLIN. KILL THE GOBLIN WHILE IT CANT MOVE.

A goblin will hold a knife or bow+arrow, they will WALK AROUND THE CAMP WITH IT. Goblins will attempt to terrorize the village, whilst also pretending to be innocent. IF THEY ARE HOLDING A WEAPON WITHOUT REASON, KILL THEM.

A goblin will curse without reason. This does not matter as much, but still KILL THEM.

As much as you can say “What if they don’t know any better.” I say, “If they don’t, then they die.” Because they are still goblins.

  1. How they come back.

A goblin will spawn as a baby, anyones baby. They even have a chance to spawn as an eve near where they last died, just as any other non goblin. They also have a chance of spawning as a baby again after they died. Keep that in mind when choosing to keep a baby right after one dies.

  1. What to do if you encounter a goblin.

Kill it.

I don’t mind wasting one rope for a cart if it means not having a knife before it is needed. Tires are needed to reduce dirt consumption via 4 milkweed for 10 hours of use. I can totally imagine cart/car factories in the future.

Don’t hide weapons. Goblins live to consume the lives of people. In that they are jealous of what we have. To be happy without it at the expense of others. Just make up one or two back up plans and you should be good.

I have decided to use goblin instead of griefer because I feel as though “griefer” is in a weird spot of how people define it now. Search up just “griefer” in google, that’s how I see it. cough also maybe because of how much I like goblin slayer cough


Goblins like to stack flatstones and take flat stones from the smithy. Kill them as soon as you notice that.

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