Tips: Smithing Steel Tools (Smithing update)

This will be showing what you can do with tools you smith. Everything related to the newcomen stuff will be covered in a different “tips:”

I still recommend being able to cut down and dig up the tree in the tutorial before reading this. Just so you can dip a toe before a cannonball.

With the change of time also comes the change of knowledge and new objects. I really feel like I didn’t do smithing the justice it deserves in my first post with how much I know now. It used to be such a rarity that I could smith but it’s happened so much more now.

  1. Set-up

Take note of the 6 flat stones and 6 bowls + plates. I use the 2 spaces under the forge for placing iron to forge quickly. I also have more than 1 stone on the side just incase it’s stolen or mis-placed.

Turn the 6 iron ore into crude iron by hitting them with a rock after setting every 3. Then lay out all of the bowls in the same position as the iron ores were and make crucibles. Take off the plates then switch the steel with the bowls and return those back to their original positions. If done right the steel should still be in the spot as the iron ore and crucibles were.

  1. What should you smith first?

(Skip this section if you already know how to make a mine and a hand cart)

You should first smith everything needed to get a mine. Smithing Hammer, Axe, Adze, Froe, Pickaxe, Chisel, Blank blade, Blank File. Turn the blank file into a file then blank blade into bow saw.

To make a blank blade into a bow saw you must first make a file. In order to make a file you must hunt a goose with a bow+arrow, skin it with a flint chip and cook w/ a skewer on charcoal. Then take the cooked goose and dab the greese onto the blank file. Put the chisel on the greesed file and use a smithing hammer on it. Thusly you have a file that you use twice on the blank blade to turn into a steel saw blade. Put that onto a curved shaft and you have a bow saw.

I won’t be explaining how to make a hand cart, bucket or a stanchion kit because you can get that info from searching them up on . Unless it turns out to be heavily requested.

Now set off and search for a mine in the nearby badlands. After finding one take the stanchion kit+pickaxe, put them in the cart w/ 2 baskets and go make the actual mine and gather some iron ore. Iron mines can range anywhere up to 24 iron ore in my personal experience.

  1. Scrap steel

Scrap steel is what happens when you combine 2 broken steel tools, any one of them combined makes scrap steel, including the steel chisel. You can turn this scrap steel back into a crucible to re use the steel.

Now this may look like your only getting half of the steel back, but in reality you are doubling the amount of steel you have with this. So imagine 80 steel tools, 80 breaks down,you can get 40 back. Then when those 40 break down, you get 20 back. Etc…

So the end result is 80+40+20+10+5= 155. You are doubling the uses of your steel by continually doing this.

I recommend using up steel tools before they look like they’re going to break. Then break 2 of them at once to combine them right away. Broken steel tools disappear over time.

  1. Are iron mines too far away and hard to reach?

It is vital for a village to have iron to keep expanding so I heavily recommend building a road that cuts through any natural barriers around you that prevents people from exploring that area before you make any buildings. Like cutting through a mosquito filled jungle.

Flat stones used for roads should be reserved for roads that are like 40+ tiles. Please stop making roads with flat stones for distances shorter than that. Also to make it quicker cut through everything that you can dig up or move so it uses less flat stones.

You don’t have to dig up cut trees stumps because they disappear after a life time. So save those shovel uses.

To make everything safer as well. Hunt everything in the same biome that the road is touching so you have no risks of accidental deaths. If your not confident in your hunting skills ask someone to do it who is.

In the end this will result in your village being able to access far more resources without having to take any actual risks. So it’s always good to do this after a mine was made and you have a few axes.

  1. Organized

Always keep steel tools in the same spot after your done using it, same as broken steel tools. Keep a large enough space reserved for this. If you can get away with a public storage with boxes out in the open then goodluck!


This is the most I could expand on the subject of steel tools without going into a sub section of what can be done off of them relating to another job or aspect. Hopefully this updated version is much more informative than my original.

I might be going through and updating everything now that I know more.

Thank you for reading and have a good day!


I’ve seen people scatter them around in random places. :worried:

Sometimes different crafts need different tools more than others. Maybe in a capitalist economy you could regulate this by forcing people to buy their own tools. Limestone tends to be a good currency for this : )

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