Tips: Smithing

I finally got around to smithing a whole life. Smithing is essential but, extremely rare to get a chance to do. (Usually someone else is already doing it) These tips will help people learn how to smith quickly and effectively. (Assuming you already know how to smith from escaping the tutorial.)

  1. Location

The smithy would preferable be next to a farm and next to a constantly running fire. This will help alot in saving you time from having to find food and having to keep making a fire. It helps to have trees with branches nearby but the wooden cart solves that issue later.

  1. Coal making

It’s neat to have 2 adobe kilns set up so you can smith with one and make coal with both of them at the same time. It takes a while to transform kindling and you will need alot of coal.

  1. Set up

6 flat stones is enough for one person to smith with, bring an extra incase someone wants to cook eggs randomly. 6 plates and 6 bowls. Keep a round stone and smithing hammer nearby. Here’s a pic of what you should be aiming for.

  1. Actually smithing

As the name implies just make a smithing hammer to start off with. Try to do each stage individually. You can’t rush it any faster than you can by making 6 tools at once. Try to do everything in 3s, 3 heated iron ores set on a flat rock hit by a smooth stone each time and repeated before the coals burn out. 3 ingots set on a flat stone that you turn into tools each time then repeated. If you hit an ingot with the smithing hammer it will give you more time to change it so hit them all at once after setting them all down then proceed to shape the tools. You essential need one of every iron tool if you want to make Handcarts, iron mines, deep wells and wells.

  1. Crafting

The most used tool you will need is a mallet, it’s easy to make. Just use the adze on a log and you get one instantly. The hardest to make tool you will need is the bow saw. It’s used to make wooden disks which is essential. You need to transform a blank steel file into a steel file. Use a cooked goose on the blank steel file to greese it up then use a chisel and mallet on it to make a actual steel file. Use the steel file on a blank blade to make a blade then use it again to make a saw blade. Attach saw blade to a curved shaft and there you have a bow saw.

Don’t be afraid to make a knife or bow. These are still tools you will need to make progress. A bow to hunt the goose and other threatening wildlife. A knife to cull sheep from a pen. I never understood why people use sheers instead of just killing the sheep. You still get the sheeps coat anyways. Feeding lambs is the only way to get poop, not sheep.

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Nice few tips there well illustrated also your right though you rarely get a chance to smith unless your born into a noob family who don’t know how to or your the eve on the eve run and you’ve got other people there to set up the farm and other bits

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If you acidently smith past the item you wanted try to remember it doesnt loop back… Ive made so many pickaxes. -_-

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Yeah I have to say I’ve done that a couple of times yah have to be careful with it :’)

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Giving this a bump because I did a big edit. I hope It’s helpful. Keep a calm mind while smithing :slight_smile: .

You get a fleece from shearing the sheep but you get a sheep skin from killing it. The fleece can be used to make clothes and wool pads while the skin can be worn derectly or made into a saddle for horses. So they have two compleatly different uses.