Tips: Tracking

There’s plenty of times where we can find ourselves as an eve and not be in the mood to start all over again, what I’m hoping to do is show all the possible signs to follow when knowing if a person was where you are.

  1. Basic signs

Obviously you would look out for anything you can craft, even a stack of rocks. When it comes to tracking by natural resources though look out for: Goose with eggs, Cactus with flower/fruit, Rabbits with babies, (any animal with a baby) BEARS, Gooseberry bushes missing berries, A milkweed pile or A sapling stump. Most people might not know this but the pine trees in a cold area don’t start off with pine needles, they are the only area where pine trees don’t start with pine needles unless someone passed by them.

  1. Don’t give up

Most of the time you will come across a dead body whilst searching for their home. This does not mean the end of the line, even if it seems like there is no where to go beyond them. You will usually have to back track if you don’t find the home, sometimes it forms a T like shape where you’ve gone down 2 ends but missed the 3rd. It might take 10-20 minutes before you find it. You can only give up when your sure they did nothing. Sometimes if there are rabbits but no babies the rabbits could’ve already been hunted, although this is very rare. Cacti lose fruits after a while so don’t be surprised if you see none and see some after. If a cactus has a fruit, that’s a strong indicator a base is nearby, even if it’s not guranteed.

There’s really not much else to go into with this. I usually have a “loner” type play style in that everything I do, is usually for myself to work on. I won’t need help from someone else unless it’s gathering wood for kindling, or just gathering stuff in general. Excluding basic farming which I will be covering soon. Good luck finding your village to be!


I also have been doing what you were doing. Finding lost ruins is the best!


I was just thinking about posting something along the same lines. I’m sure this is very helpful to many people!