To all the inexperienced

I just had a lovely game. Making a milkweed farm my mum asked for… a pretty 4x3 design.

Then I made pies, hunted 6 rabbits for clothes and the meat then made something rather delicious.

Alas the farmers steel hoe broke - and there was a sheep in a pen that needed some shears.

So to the forge. Along cane someone who wanted to help. Alas I had no idea they were completely new. For those few precious seconds of a forge firing at full ballast you need everything just right and you can get 2 or 3 tools made!! Except when someone comes and moves everything to see what it is.

And then I thought - I will teach the next generation. After a long time explaining the fire went out - she took the bow drill, dropped it, picked it up, tried to use it on the kindling, tried to use it on a stone, tried to use it on me!

Eventually I told her to use it on the long straight shaft and she picked it up, then the bow drill, then the shaft. Eventually after telling her to swipe down she got it!!! Alas the lead and tinder had disappeared… and I died of old age.

The point to the story is - if you are new ask for help, keep out of peoples way and don’t click on every little square!

Also - this is a beta test. The point being getting as far into the game as possible to test that everything works appropriately. I’m not sure that players with no idea, or ones that don’t have the age/maturity/intellectual capability to figure out the controls shouldn’t be subverting those that do!! Argh

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For those of you who need some quality tutorials on getting started, I found this video that may sound a bit academic but it’s accurate tells you how to behave and craft inside the game :

If you prefer to listen to someone more lively (but not over the top), This guy here is engaging but also gives you specific tips on crafting and surviving in the game:

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Hey lol that was me
Sory for what happend

This may sound as a excuse but i was lagging
I tried to move but i just picked stuff up

Oh and i am new so yeah

You tried to teach me what I aprichiate i learned something tnx a lot

That’s fine - it’s about learning as much as teaching. I should be a better teacher :slight_smile:

And I think that was more of a rant because unfortunately it has happened a few times recently.

To me this beta is meant to be about testing rather then “getting a free game” to play (which is so freaking awesome that a few coins to buy it when 1.0 comes out will be well worth it).



I get your frustration, I had a plan of my own and needed help so I waited till I had 2 kids to start it turns out they have no idea how to play and just right after I started a town in the most perfect place
My gameplay ended up being
How to make fire 101
Cooking class for beginners -how to pie

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Thats why Jason ad a tutorial in the first place.

Think in the OHOL mobile controls section it mentions eventually doing a tutorial which I guess would be much the same.

Probably put off as they expected most beta testers to know that but definitely a worthwhile addition