To all the new players recently

Hello welcome, you are certainly needed the us servers.

When you press the play button at the top of the server lust you’ll see the tutorials. Start with mastering making fire then work your way to iron making.

There seems to be a lot of you lately and a lot of towns can’t afford to teach you all when they’re trying to keep everyone from starving. No shame I was very new like you once. Trust me those tutorials really help.

You can do it!


Agreed! It really helped me to run the tutorials many times, until I could do the following without help:

USE THE BOOK to learn the steps needed to create something you see/hold
Start a fire, including gathering all fuel
Make a basket
Survive to old age on berries alone
Farm carrots, milkweed, and wheat
Cook a rabbit, either over coals or (even better) in a rabbit/carrot pie
Create and use a kiln and an oven
Make bowls, small plates, and a rabbit-fur backpack
Cook an omelette and Three Sisters Stew

If you can do all these things relatively comfortably, then you will be able to survive easily as an Eve, and be ready to help and learn new skills in an existing town!


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