To any on USB2 Sever

I had a feeling this would become the smaller community, however, with that said, there are many wonderful towns I feel players should come see. I have a small town I been working on for 1 year and 4 months, all by myself. It’s very tiny, but I will be opening up to public now. No longer will I eat a carrot seed. :slight_smile:

-If you need help being buried-

This is still my main sever and probably will continue as long as it stays. So to those who also play and need help being buried. I am on early morning East standard time, so if you are as well, I’ll be more than happy to help you out. :slight_smile:


I wish a few more people would join usb2. But ever since the change I do feel like I’m making more bonds or getting to know the players who play on usb2 at night like me a little better. I enjoy playing and building up my village and also seeing other amazing villages that are expanded nicely vs having to be in survival mode in a new new village, I like a well developed town though can be overwhelming at first, once you get use to it you realized there is always work to be done but I don’t feel the anxiety of starving to death and can play more relaxed and even having time to get to know other players a lil bit !


Same here. :slight_smile: It may have gone down in popularity, but I really enjoy playing on it and seeing all the towns members have been working on for months. :slight_smile: I wonder if I have been to your town yet. :0 I usually play quite late to early morning.