To Pick or Not to Pick (The Last Berry)

Okay, so I’m not sure if this has already been asked or not, but here it goes: For replanted gooseberry bushes, there are two arguments.

  1. The berries never regrow, so always pick the last berry so you can resoil and rewater the plant
  2. If you don’t pick the last berry, the berries will slowly grow back

Which is the correct, canon one? Because I’ve had people mad at me when I thought the second one was true, but then I also have met people who think the second one IS true. Thoughts?

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i always go for the replant.
i met some people saying i shoudnt take the last berry.
i ignore them. probably i should teach them the two ways to make compost. :wink:


I myself have experienced people thinking the berries would regrow … The thing is that only goes for wild bushes not domestic bushes.


I wanna know lol